Enjoy the mix of two countries music with your friends

Literally: International performances at your own hand

Music is a universal language across all cultures. Kinection is a project with the goal of bringing cultural experiences together from across the globe. In a time when we are more separated than ever, performers from West Virginia and Spain came together on the virtual stage to share art with the world.

How would an American banjo perform a Flamenco song, the rhythm of Andalusia, the South of Spain? Will the musicians be able to play nicely the same song besides they are in different continents? And how does it work with classical instruments?

With your own cellphone or tablet you are capable of watching them at your surroundings besides they were recorded in different continents. They'll be there for you! (and your friends).

Choose your song!

Entre dos aguas

Composed for a classical flamenco guitar, this captivating song has been beautifully performed by all the musicians

Game of Thrones

Westeros villagers would enjoy these instruments if they really existed. We think you will.

One More Time

West Virginia's Sheepsquatch performs a Daft Punk classic.