A Collaboration between students at the University of Seville and West Virginia University

Spring 2022

West Virginia University and EUSA students explored ways to tell stories by creating digital twins, or 3D models, of real locations in Morgantown and Seville during the 2022 collaboration.

They used widely-available and inexpensive phone-based digital scanning apps to quickly create the models, then built narratives based upon the locations. Due to the students' wide-ranging interests — from game and interactive design to journalism and filmmaking — the results were surprising and extremely creative. They used simple scrolling interactions and Sketchfab to build their projects while exploring innovative storytelling techniques.

The Projects

A Dark Day

A murder. Sketchy suspects. Clues at multiple scenes around the world. A global mystery that you can solve.

By Diego Muñoz González, Ivan Diaz Sanchez, Lara Bonatesta, María Esperanza Pajares Vázquez, Paula Grijota, Sadaf Nikzad

Distant Love

A personal tale of love and loss, told through photogrammetry.

By Beatriz Perona Santiago, Candela Sanchez Sanchez, Miguel Arturo Serrano Madrona, Seth Seebaugh


Eavesdrop on a conversation between a group of friends from Seville and Morgantown as they share memories and argue about where to meet.

By Ana De Lucio- Villegas Soler, Danielle Beistline, Elena Rodríguez Vidal, Maria Vazquez Sanchez, Rey Paulino, Tom Markland