Spring 2023

A Collaboration between students at the University of Seville and West Virginia University, once again! Here, we present our latest project that marries bleeding-edge technology with profound cross-cultural synergies.

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the heart of innovation, where the latest advancements in technology converge with the richness of cultural exchange.

Our 2023 project is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating a harmonious blend of technological prowess and deep-rooted cultural understanding. You’ll witness how we’ve harnessed the power of innovation to not only create transformative solutions but also to strengthen the bonds that connect our diverse cultures.

This webpage serves as your gateway to understanding the synergy between cutting-edge technology and the beauty of cultural interconnectedness.

Spring 2023


In our pursuit of innovation, the year 2023 led us to an exploration of the Meta Spark technology and its augmented reality filters. At the intersection of imagination and technology, Meta Spark’s AR filters provided us with an innovative canvas to blend the digital world with our cultural narratives.

Our joint team from West Virginia University and Universidad de Sevilla delved into the realm of Meta Spark. Through research and creative experimentation, we harnessed the potential of these cutting-edge AR filters to craft an experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our project became a journey of bridging cultures through a novel medium. We channeled our diverse backgrounds and perspectives to create AR filters that seamlessly fuse cultural elements, stories, and traditions. These filters not only allow you to see the world through a new lens but also provide a window into the intricate tapestry of our shared human heritage.

As you navigate through our webpage, you’ll witness firsthand the remarkable outcomes of our collaboration with Meta Spark. Each AR filter is a testament to our commitment to pushing the envelope of technology while embracing the depth of our respective cultures. Immerse yourself in these transformative filters, and join us in celebrating the exciting possibilities that emerge when innovation and cultural exchange intertwine.

The soccer/football dilemma

Our group had a common interest that we wanted to explore: sports. We both like football (or at least, we all love the sport each one of us calls football).
Being this the case, we thought it would be thought it would be amazing to have a filter that would mix both our interests into an experience for the end user. As such, we had the idea of creating a filter that would reflect this on their faces.

At the beginning it was complex to design a suitable face painting. Because of this, we decided on a more minimalist concept that would enhance the value of a clear symbol for the teams, their shields.
The other problem we faced was time. It took a long time to find the fan’s team. So it was decided to reduce it to two teams that were rivals to each other. Achieving satisfactory results in increasing the connection of users with the filter.

Project by: Alejandra Carrera, Candela Sánchez, Christian Hoerger, Ryan Hunker, Sam Russ.

The Pole Dancers

“The Pole Dancers” is an energetic and creative team that was born on the West Virginia course and turned into a friendship and an incredible collaboration. Together, we came up with an innovative makeup filter with one purpose: to celebrate diversity and help each person embrace their unique style. In a world where being “different” is beautiful, this filter is an expression of inclusion and creativity.

At first, our project started with the idea of ​​creating a make-up filter that would capture the stylistic essence of different centuries of history. However, as we began working on the project we realized that our own unique identities and styles were the secret ingredient that set us apart as individuals and as a team.

The creativity that each one contributed were the true sparks that made our project shine. As we merged our perspectives and skills, we realized we didn’t need to represent centuries past to be impactful. Our authentic and diverse styles were what we were looking for.

That’s how we created a makeup filter that didn’t stick to the rules of the past, but embraced the present and the future. A filter that didn’t try to fit historical molds, but rather empowered each person to embrace their style. In this process, we discover that by highlighting what makes us different, we create something truly beautiful and authentic.

Project by: Ana Blanco Nieto de Castro, Jessa Meyer, María Soler, Maxwell Ionno, Sterling Gibson, Tamara Tovilla.

Music Group

Hello everyone! We knew we wanted to do a filter related to something that we all like. After talking we concluded that we all love listening to music, so we decided that our filter had to be related to that.

Our first idea was to create a filter about which song is more listened to each year. Then we think about to mix english and spanish music and look which song were more listened of e every year At the end we agreed to choose two songs one spanish and the other one english and search which Youtube video of these songs has more views.

To do the filter we divided us in three groups. One looked at the songs and the views, the second one organized the information and the last one did the filter.

The last step was to film the presentation video, so the Spanish people proposed to film that video in our traditional festivity called “Feria”.

Project by: Tobias Sherman, Rosalía García, Mya Boggs, María Molina, Elle Colbert and Ana de Lucio-Villegas

Web Heads!

There are many differences between Spain and the United States. However, there is something that we all like and unite us; food. Some students from eusa and West Virginia have gathered the typical dishes and foods from each country to create a filter.

To make this filter we first chose 10 typical foods (5 from Seville and 5 from West Virginia). Then, as we wanted it to be something fun and interactive we made a kind of game in which depending on where you move your head you choose one option or another and at the end you get a score.

It has certainly been a lot of fun to create the filter and to be able to share it with people to share both gastronomic cultures.

Project by: Colwyn, Michael, Megan, Fernando Roman and Adriana Infante.

Visits in the distance

How would it be possible to visit somewhere oversea without going out of your room?

That was our first statement and the main point around which we would start our project.
Our objective was to create a 3D model of a culturally interesting places so we could visit it without moving from our room.

This objetive was difficult, mainly because scanning some big places would mostly have problems as low quality of details or not enough rendering.

Anyways we did our best, both groups (West Virginia and eusa) helped each other and finally got the project as we planned.

We learnt a lot making this course, but the most important thing we learnt was to work in groups even though lots of kilometres were in between!

Project by: Alan Lin, Ana Domínguez, Beatriz Perona, Courtney Clingan, Wesley Shoemaker.