About the Collaboration

This project is a continuing partnership between the West Virginia University Reed College of Media and EUSA/The University of Seville in Spain.

Meeting together remotely over Zoom and Slack, the students work to develop, produce and publish immersive emerging technology experiences during several weeks each Spring. The goal of the partnership is to connect students from vastly different backgrounds and geographic areas, and to share faculty expertise in multimedia storytelling.

The students and faculty — from diverse majors including Journalism, Film, Sports and Adventure Media, Game Design and Interactive Design — bring unique perspectives to the collaboration from their areas of expertise.

About the Projects

Spring 2021

Students in Spring 2021 created interactive augmented reality experiences using emerging technology like volumetric video.

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Spring 2022

Web-based photogrammetry storytelling was the focus of our collaborative projects we worked in teams to create digital twins using phone-based apps, then created fictional interactive experiences based in real locations.

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Spring 2023

In our pursuit of innovation, the year 2023 led us to an exploration of the Meta Spark technology and its augmented reality filters. At the intersection of imagination and technology, Meta Spark’s AR filters provided us with an innovative canvas to blend the digital world with our cultural narratives.

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