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Where to Go?

Get to know Inés and Curro from Seville, Spain as well as Connor and Sophia from Morgantown, West Virginia as they decide the perfect spot to hang out after all their time apart.

Following a long semester at college, four best friends are excited to see each other again after not seeing each other for a long time. The only problem is, they don’t know where they should meet!

Now that finals are over I feel like I can breathe.
Or somewhat. Still afraid of grades being posted.
Oh, you guys just finished? We were done a week ago.
We've had a little time to relax.
:0 lucky
Since we're all finished with school and finals and stuff,,
Would you guys want to meet up?
We could all use a vacation, honestly.
Especially after fighting for a C in calc 3.
A C?
Don't judge me
A C is still a passing grade.
I can "C" that you need us to visit you
Boo, that sucked.
Where do we even go? Are you guys coming to us?
Omg. Please?
We can bring you guys to Mario's Fishbowl!