It’s the year 2040. Gabriel is a 17 year-old kid that lives in Morgantown, West Virginia. His parents divorced by the time he was born. He has always seen his parents fight, and always wondered whether or not they got along at all. During most of his life, he’d see them fighting over anything, even the smallest thing. He was curious to find out what went wrong in their relationship, because they for sure must have gotten along at some point… maybe? In his research of this different side of their relationship, he found an old hard drive filled with recordings of video calls they had, and scans of the rooms they lived in while they had to be far apart because of his mom’s career. She moved to Spain because of an opportunity to attend graduate school at a prestigious university. They were committed to making it work, planning to regularly have virtual dates each week. They were going to be separated for some time, but they both anticipated being reunited again in the future. Gabriel knew this much about the story, but it wasn’t until this mysterious appearance of the old hard drive that would offer him a window into the past of his parents that he knew little about. Gabriel opened the file titled “TogetherApart_01”, and was given a glimpse into the environment that his parents shared long ago.

Pregnant? What? Gabriel knew their relationship as a total wreck, so… what was this? They not only seem nice to each other, they seem… in love. This first scan took place in 2022, he wouldn’t be born for a year or so. Was María pregnant with him? How was that even possible? Maybe the person he’s known as his dad wasn’t his dad, and that’s why they fought and split up? No, but that didn’t make sense. Why did his dad raise him, then? Even Gabriel could see the resemblance between him and his dad. That couldn’t be it. She must have gotten pregnant before leaving. But then… If everything was great, their relationship was this good, and they had a baby on the way, what happened? What could have been so terrible to end their relationship the way it ended?