A dark day

Since 1875, E. Moore Hall has stood full of dark magic and murder horror surrounding it. Nobody knows the catastrophes that occurred here but everyone can feel a spiritual connection when they walk in.

Over the years the place changed hands, until now, becoming an important part of West Virginia University. As part of your daily routine, you walk into the building but, immediately an awful smell fills your nostrils. After investigating, you find a dead body. 

Fearing for your life, you realize there is only one thing you can do. You must find the killer before they find you. Luckily, you happen to know all the suspects from class.

Good luck.

Chloe,The Victim

The Suspects

The cheater

Dylan was cheating on his girlfriend Brooke with Chloe. If Chloe told Brooke, the relationship would have ended. Could he have killed her to keep it a secret?

The woman scorned

Brooke found out about the affair and was furious. Could she have killed Chloe to get revenge?

The jealous guy

Travis has been in love with Chloe for years but she was only interested in Dylan. Could he have killed her out of jealousy?

The roommate

Elisabeth was in love with Chloe’s best friend, Travis, but Travis is in love with Chloe. Elisabeth becomes Chloe’s roommate and gets close to her in hopes of getting closer to Travis. Could she have killed Chloe to eliminate the competition.